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Friends and Colleagues, 


For many of us, the ability to quickly travel to both planned and spontaneous destinations is a given - almost a right. Career opportunities, health care appointments, and other social and family events are just a short car ride away. However, there are many people who cannot drive a car, can no longer drive a car, or cannot afford to buy and maintain a car. Without a personal vehicle, accessing these important life events can be confusing, time intensive, and sometimes simply impossible. We speak to people every day who are struggling to handle it all- being a parent, a student, an employee, and/or the adult child of an aging parent. Dealing with these issues is daunting enough, dealing with them with mobility restrictions can feel  nearly insurmountable.

Those of us who work for Center for Mobility Equity or serve on our Board of Directors do so because we believe that everyone is worthy of opportunity - for health, for career growth, for strong bonds with family and community. We look forward to continuing to both advocate on behalf of and work directly in service of these most deserving but often overlooked Marylanders. Please follow our work through our updates and blog posts on and our social media feeds. 

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Mobility Equity. We look forward to a 2018 of promise and service.



 Chris Firehock

A Note from the Director

Chris Firehock